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Welcome to NVQ (QCF) Assessor Training

NVQ Assessor Training Courses, Information & Jobs

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The NVQ Assessor qualification has recently changed from the NVQ Assessor A1 Award to the NVQ/QCF Assessor Certificate (or Award). This website brings together information for all people who are looking for NVQ Assessor training or courses, or are looking for NVQ Assessor jobs, whether they be part time or full time.

Anyone seeking NVQ Assessor jobs must still hold an NVQ Assessor qualification – while the A1 and D32/33 remain valid, all existing Assessors will have to update themselves on the new Assessor Standards, and all new Assessors will need to get the new NVQ QCF Assessor qualification – either the Certificate or the Award. See the NVQ Assessor qualifications page for more details.

The reason for the change of NVQ Assessor qualifications is that all NVQs have been ‘migrated’ into the Qualifications and Credits Framework (QCF). While most of the changes are simply changes to terminology, there are some significant changes to the way Evidence Requirements are laid out, and some clear distinctions are drawn between assessing in a vocational, and a non-work (training), setting. For more detail see the LLUK Guidance to Awarding Organisations.

For information on what an NVQ Assessor does, see the NVQ Assessor Jobs page. See this page also for links to NVQ Assessor job opportunities in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol and across the UK.

For information on NVQ QCF Assessor training providers and NVQ Assessor courses, see our NVQ Assessor Training and Courses page, and for links to NVQ Assessor training providers.

For answers to Frequently asked questions on becoming an NVQ Assessor, whether it is about becoming qualified as an NVQ Assessor, or seeking NVQ Assessor jobs, see our FAQ pages.

For the latest news on the QCF and how it is affecting NVQs or NVQ Assessor work or training, see our News page.



NVQ Assessor Jobs

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Assessors are required in many walks of life, usually to check the competence and/or knowledge of individuals, but also to assess equipment, buildings, land, etc etc.

This website is primarily concerned with NVQ Assessors who assess the competence and knowledge of people working towards NVQs. Details about becoming an NVQ QCF Assessor are given below. We hope you find it useful, informative and accurate – please let us know if it can be improved.


The A1 is dead… long live the NVQ QCF Assessor qualifications...

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Last registrations for the A1 passed on 31 December 2010. But don’t worry if you are the holders of the A1 or D32/33 – they remain valid.  See our Qualifications page for information, and our Training & Courses page for NVQ Assessor training providers of the new NVQ QCF Assessor qualifications - the Awards and the Certificate.

But, as with all NVQs, everyone needs to keep updated to changes in Standards so, if you are already a qualified NVQ Assessor, read the new Standards at LLUK and in the Centre Handbook at the Awarding Organisation of your choice – here is OCRs. Basically, some terminology has changed and not much else.


New NVQ QCF Assessor Qualifications

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New NVQ (QCF) Assessor Qualifications

The new NVQ Assessor qualifications – formerly known as the A1 Assessor Award or, before that, the D32/33 – are a group of 3 qualifications. The new qualification set may seem to be rather complicated compared to the A1 - however, the key thing to remember is that if you get the new NVQ QCF Assessor Certificate (as opposed to the Award), you will be qualified to assess people in both work, and non-work (ie training), environments.