NVQ QCF Assessor Training

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Welcome to QCF (NVQ) Assessor Training
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This website brings together information for all people who are looking for QCF NVQ Assessor training or courses, or are looking for QCF NVQ Assessor jobs, whether they be part time or full time.

The NVQ Assessor qualification changed in 2011/12 from the NVQ Assessor A1 Award to the QCF (NVQ) Level 3 Assessor Certificate (or Award). This change occurred in 2012 because all NVQs were ‘migrated’ into the Qualifications and Credits Framework (QCF).

Anyone seeking NVQ Assessor jobs must hold an Assessor qualification – while the A1 and D32/33 remain valid, all existing Assessors will have to update themselves on the new Assessor Standards, and all new Assessors will need to get the new NVQ QCF Assessor qualification – either the Certificate or the Award.

For information on what an NVQ Assessor does, see the NVQ Assessor Jobs page.

For information on NVQ QCF Assessor training providers and NVQ Assessor courses, see our NVQ Assessor Training and Courses page, and ads on our site.

For answers to Frequently asked questions on becoming an NVQ Assessor, whether it is about becoming qualified as an NVQ Assessor, or seeking NVQ Assessor jobs, see our FAQ pages.


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Assessors are required in many walks of life, usually to check the competence and/or knowledge of individuals, but also to assess equipment, buildings, land, etc etc.

This website is primarily concerned with NVQ Assessors who assess the competence and knowledge of people working towards NVQs. Details about becoming an NVQ QCF Assessor are given below. We hope you find it useful, informative and accurate – please let us know if it can be improved.

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As with all NVQs everyone needs to keep updated to changes in Standards so, if you are already a qualified NVQ Assessor, read the Standards under your Subject area and Specification (NVQ Title) or at the National Occupational Standards Database search facility.

See .gov.uk for general information on National Occupational Standards.

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NVQ (QCF) Assessor Qualifications... since 2012

NVQ QCF Assessor qualifications – formerly known as the A1 Assessor Award or, before that, the D32/33 – comprise a choice of Awards or a Certificate, depending on how many of the available 3 Units you take. A key point to bear in mind is that if you get the QCF (NVQ) Assessor Certificate (as opposed to the Award), you will be qualified to assess people in both work, and non-work (ie training), environments.